Cut crease and double liner using all Inglot products.


This is an eye make up look I created using all Inglot products.

Brows: Gel liner in number 90.

Base: Inglot’s cream concealer in the lighest shade.

Eyeshadow base: Inglot’s freedom eyeshadows no: 102, 464, 423 & 409.

Cut crease glitter:  45 & 46.

Eyeliners: 77 (Black) and 76(White).


The last hurrah!

College, what can I say? It’s been a journey and a half to say the least. Three and a half years into college life and one semester comes between me and my degree. Right at this point I am very the most nervous I have ever felt in college, purely because I have no idea what is ahead of me. So, let’s go back 3 and half years… CAO offers day comes around and a really upset 17 year old Amy, gets offered a place in the University of Limerick, not her first choice but maybe it was the best choice. I took the place, not knowing anybody going to Limerick and I think that is what made me the most upset. Absolutely terrified, I searched for accommodation the very same day. Myself, my sister and parents drove from Wexford to Limerick and spent the whole morning ringing numbers, trying to get myself a house. We finally came across my to be house, I was content to move in as it seemed nice, the only problem was I was to live with five 2nd year boys, who I later found out were actually third years. I can still remember the first day of college like it was yesterday. I remember my heart racing, and not knowing what to say or what way to act in case people thought I was strange. I began chatting with a girl called michelle, who turns out to be one of my best friends to this day. We soon became friendly with 3 other girls and began to sit with each other in class and go out together on nights out. I remember hating college for a good month or two at the beginning, I just did not feel happy, I didn’t settle in the house I was living in but to my fortune I found a house on campus where there was a place. Another house full of boys, but these were first years, surely nothing could go wrong? Again, it took a while for me to settle but we all got along so well and actually became quite good friends. Second semester of first year came along and I can easily say it was the best semester I ever had in college. I loved my new house mates, I had my group of friends and we partied like there was no tomorrow!  I finally felt at home. Second and third year came in no time and along the way I met some of the best people in the world, including one of my best friends who lives on the other side of the world. Being in fourth year and looking back now, I definitely think I have enjoyed the last three and a half years. I definitely could have done a lot more in college in regards to charity work and joining societies but to be honest, I don’t regret how I spent my free time because I enjoyed myself. Now, I am more nervous than ever because I am soon to graduate and enter the real world. No more lectures, no more parties,  no more messing around, it’s actually time to grow up. I can’t believe it is coming to an end but without my best friends and everyone that I made friends with along the way, I couldn’t have done it without yous. Now I look at Limerick not as a place where I studied for four years, but as my home.

Winged liner & vibrant red lips!


The winged liner and red lips is always a classic look. I’m not much of a fan of dark red lips but I love vibrant colours. To achieve a bright red lip like this I used ‘cherry’ lip liner from mac as my base on the lips. I then used ‘lady danger’ red lipstick from mac also over the liner. Lady danger is a lovely vibrant lip with an orangey tone to it which makes it vibrant. It’s a lovely colour to wear on a night out.. or the red carpet if you ever get the chance to. 😛 I used mac’s black track gel liner to create a simple wingled look on the eyes. I hope you guys like this look and if you want me to create any different looks or have any make up tips for me, please let me know! 🙂

Nightclub look using a stardust pigment from Inglot.


For this look I used Inglot’s star dust pigment no. 113 on my eyes today over a brown matte base. In the inner corner of my eyes I used their pigment no.59. The foundation is Lancôme tient idole in the lightest shade and I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit to contour. I use pink freeze by mac to highlight. I filled in my brows with Lancôme’s brow gel pot using smashbox brow brush. The lipstick is cherish mac with an ordinary brown eyeliner as lipliner. Hope you guys like the look any suggestions on looks I should do let me know. 🙂

Winged Liner & Pink/red lips.


I think this look is perfect for a night out or a date night. It’s dramatic but not too heavy looking on the skin. Similarly to another smokey brown eye I did before,  I used inglot’s pigment no.28 as a base. I then went over it and towards the wing of my eye with antiqued brown eyeshadow from mac. I added a pop of golden brown pigment no.83 from inglot on the inner corner of the lid.I also used the brown eyeshadow under my eyes. The lipstick is relentlessly red from mac and cherry red lip liner. To fill my eyebrows I used Lancome’s brow gel and to contour I used dream matte mouse in shade caramel.

Hope you guys like the look.


Blue brown pigment from Mac is amazing.


Blue brown pigment from mac is literally my favourite colour ever. It’s so pretty and changed colours in different lights. Inglot’s pigment no 59 in the inner corner of my eyes and macs black track gel liner to line my eyelids. The lipstick is taupe from mac with chicory lip liner. The foundation is from stilla and I used macs pink freeze eyeshadow as highlighter. I’m obsessed with using eyeshadows as highlighters because it find they’re way better and more pigmented than some powdered highlighters. Hope you guys like the look.